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A Return Policy That’s Fair for All

We believe we have an ethical responsibility to keep price our products based on what it costs us to provide them to you as opposed to what the market will bear. That’s why our prices can fluctuate when the Euro, Pound, and Dollar experience a significant change. Most companies raise their prices when costs soar due to rising fuel costs or changes in world currencies, but they don’t lower their prices when the dollar strengthens or fuel prices fall. All of the major shipping companies raised their prices when the price of gas went crazy high in 2009, but when fuel costs fell dramatically the inverse did not occur.

That also means we must keep our operating costs lean.  Our prices should reflect the cost of quality, craftsmanship, and innovation behind our dance shoes, and therefore we don’t want to build into our prices, things like the high costs of returns. However, we also don’t want our customers to feel that they will get stuck with shoes they won’t wear if they make a mistake when choosing their size. This is the balance we seek to find — limited risk for the customer who is ordering (by having a very liberal return policy), versus having to raise our prices to cover the cost of returned shoes, while making sure that every new pair of shoes sold to our customers is in the same condition as when it left the factory. It is only when we reach that balance that we are providing the best value for every dancer we serve.

What shoes can be returned?

Only shoes that can be re-sold as a new pair of shoes in their original condition will be accepted.

When and where can I return my shoes?

What about shipping charges?  Maybe none!

We think this return policy helps us keep our costs down, which benefits all our customers, yet still eliminates much of the risk of ordering the wrong size. We are also here to help you choose using our 35 years of fitting experience, just ask.

Comments and feedback are not only welcome, but appreciated. Tell us what you think.


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